EASiHUB, an intelligent Business Operations Platform which forms the HUB of all activities at EAS, is a limitless and totally secure cloud-based application, accessed internally by our employees and externally via a client-specific portal located in the “Client Area” of our website.

A pivotal tool in transparent working, enabling the recording of all instructions in exact detail; storing and recording time-critical paperwork such as Purchase Orders, Risk Assessments, ASB5 notifications, ASBVisuals, Consignment Notes and Air Testing Certification in one easily accessible location.

EASiHUB enables our employees to perform their roles more efficiently whilst providing regular and comprehensive information to our clients regarding the status of works, in progress or completed, allowing clients real-time access to the most up-to-date information relating to their works.

Our investment in electronic working has seen us embrace this concept at an operational level, eliminating the delay in providing necessary compliance documentation to our clients. Instantaneous access to all relevant paperwork pertinent to the works is provided, reducing the possibility for delays whilst ensuring that our works are started promptly and completed within a client’s desired time-frame.


EASiVMS, an intelligent Vehicle Management System, enables us to constantly provide a ‘real-time’ view of where our operatives are, allowing us to locate and re-route the closest operational team to any emergency works, providing multi-geography delivery which allows for any potential risks to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This, in conjunction with our strategically placed Offices, ensures that Clients who operate in a very large geographical area have the most efficient route planned to any postcode, calculated from the Office in closest proximity or by utilising our Transient Operational Teams, who will be based within the communities we serve.

Use of this system provides “real-world” results – we decrease transit time, fuel consumption and ultimately cost, whilst proactively allowing for Operational Teams to be aware of any unforeseen issues on the road, ensuring they are dealt with in a timely fashion to eliminate customer delays.

Rotational, Unassigned Operational Teams will be used to cover emergency response works in conjunction with EASiVMS, enabling us to locate and re-route the closest operational team to any emergency works, allowing potential risks to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, whilst providing a Client’s representative of an estimated time of attendance.


EASiSMS, a cost-free intelligent SMS Text Messaging Service, allows for the sending of automated texts, prior to a pre-arranged appointment, with clear, concise information regarding the upcoming appointment.

Providing sufficient notification of our works and reminders ensures that stress and disruption to the resident are minimised. Through this medium we have seen a tangible reduction in the number of “no access” appointments, but where residents are still not home, a robust procedure is in place utilising a pre-defined, geotagged template form which is produced electronically and emailed in seconds directly from site, alerting the Client and our Contracts Office immediately that access was not gained. This allows further opportunity for a resident to be contacted before our operatives are instructed to move on to their next job.


EASiCFR, an innovative initiative in Carbon Footprint Reduction. The environmental impact of our business functions and activities, is at the forefront of everything we do and as an environmentally conscious company, we are constantly evaluating ways to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on climate change and the local environments we work in.

Our commitment to sustainability is clearly evidenced by all non-hazardous waste produced by our organisation being recycled in its entirety. We utilise an on-site compacting machine which has reduced the overall volume of waste and ultimately the number of collections required from our Waste Supply Chain Partner by 75%, which, in-turn, has reduced our carbon footprint. Our waste is separated, with cardboard, polythene and plastics being recycled and all other waste being diverted away from landfill through the use of a “Waste to Energy” recycling plant.

We are actively involved in carbon offsetting around the UK and global and are offsetting 100% of our CO2 emissions which in turn is having a cumulative effect as we plan to become a net zero company by 2028

We are currently a carbon natural company accredited to ISO 14064-1:2018 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standards.